It’s The Day Before Thanksgiving and My House Is A Wreck!

It's true, our little house on the pond is a wreck and I don't know where we will put all of our guests that are coming tomorrow. Anybody else feel the same way right now? The past couple of weeks have been super crazy. I guess everyone has been trying to fit everything in before … Continue reading It’s The Day Before Thanksgiving and My House Is A Wreck!

Stop The Itch Cream

I know we are almost to the middle of November and it seems like mosquito bites should be over with for a bit, but not here in Florida. This past weekend was the beginning of hunting season and I spent most of my time out in the woods. I had forgotten to take along the … Continue reading Stop The Itch Cream

New Cook Book Release: 31+ Breakfast Ideas And Recipes

Hey ya'll! I happy to announce that I finished another cookbook that I had been working on. It will soon be available on Amazon in an ebook version and a paperback version. I'll update this post with the links as soon as it is up on the site! 31+ Breakfast Ideas And Recipes, paperback 31+ … Continue reading New Cook Book Release: 31+ Breakfast Ideas And Recipes

Homeschool: Acorn Crafts

What a better way to celebrate the changing of the seasons than with some fun crafts? This week we are doing some different Fall themed crafts so I'll try to take some pictures and post them so you can use them in your home as well. Most kids love art projects and mine love ones … Continue reading Homeschool: Acorn Crafts

Amazon Promos: October 2017

Please check below for some special deals from Amazon as well as some great ideas for Christmas! From babies to pets there are several deals you don't want to miss! Shop Amazon - Trick or Treat? Save upto $30 on Fire Kids Edition tablets Start Date: Oct 22 , 2017 End Date: Oct 28 , 2017 Type: Deals … Continue reading Amazon Promos: October 2017

Getting Back To My Morning Routine

Hey everyone! I'm slowly getting back to routines and really hope to start blogging on a more regular basis. This move has really been crazy but as things are settling down we are starting to get back to our routines, and changing them as needed. Just wanted to give you all a peek into our … Continue reading Getting Back To My Morning Routine

Life Update 9/16/2017

Hey y'all! We are still here ....  a lot has happened since my last post and I do apologize for not keeping in touch with everyone. A big 'Thank You' to those who have messaged me via Facebook, Twitter, and/or email to check on us. I have not been able to check emails, messages, or … Continue reading Life Update 9/16/2017

Check this out!

We just published our first ebook for Kirby's Korner Blog. It is a cookbook with a few recipes found on the blog as well as some recipes from my recipe box. Click here for a preview of our book or click here ($4.99 value) for a chance to win a free copy. I hope to create … Continue reading Check this out!

Yearning For Simpler Times

Last night I dreamed we had moved. It wasn't a fancy house, in fact it was a bit run down and a lot smaller than where we live now. It needed a lot of cleaning and a bit of work but we loved it. It was a fresh start from all the stress and chaos … Continue reading Yearning For Simpler Times

Blogger Recognition Award

I am so excited as I just received my first ever Blogger Recognition Award nomination! I feel so blessed to have received this and it motivates me to continue on this path. I want to thank Camie at Camie's Cozy Corner for the nomination. I love reading her blog and always find encouragement from her posts. I … Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award

Family Outing: Jacksonville Zoo 6/10/2017

Well a couple of weeks ago I mentioned that we had a special outing planned. Unfortunately we did not get to go the weekend we planned to go because of the weather. We did go this past weekend and it was so much fun! As you can imagine trying to take a many kids as … Continue reading Family Outing: Jacksonville Zoo 6/10/2017

Clay Allemanders: June 2017 Updates

Clay Allemanders … Got a new Home! On May 22, The Clay Allemanders held their first home dance in their new hall with a great new caller, Shane Perez, and his father, Ken, as co-caller. This new hall has better acoustics and a larger dance floor. On our first night in the new hall we elected … Continue reading Clay Allemanders: June 2017 Updates

Covered Dish Dinner/New Class

We started a new class this past week and we had enough food to feed an army! There was plenty of fun and dancing all around!

Silver Fox Squares

Last night, May 9th, kicked off our new classes in Ft. White. We had plenty of delicious food like lasagna, sweet n sour meatballs, cabbage and sausage, chili, and too many desserts to list.

I didn’t take a lot of pics as I was too busy dancing and gabbing with friends but below are a few that I took and a few that were sent to me.

If you didn’t get to make it last night please come next Tuesday, May 16th, and join us.

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Sombrero/Crazy Hat Dangle Dance 

Here is one of our most recent events. We had so much and we appreciate all of the visitors who came to help make this such a success!

Silver Fox Squares

We had such a great time on Friday, May 5th, at our Sombrero/Crazy Hat Dance. We had several visitors from other clubs and almost everyone had some kind of interesting hat.  (Some of us had more than one hat which we swapped out during the dance.)

Several people ordered dangles which should be here soon. I will post a picture of the Dangles when they arrive.

Below are some pics from the dance and you can also check us out on Facebook to see some video clips. Be sure to come visit us at our next dance in June. We have upcoming events and dates listed under the Events tab. We will also update the new flyers as soon as possible!

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Thank you!

I just received my '100 followers' notifications and shortly after it went to 101! I am so excited that so many people have followed my blog in the short time I've had it up. I pray that I can continue to help encourage others in their day to day life. Each and every one of … Continue reading Thank you!

Two Monks and an Olive Tree

I read this story some time ago and it was told over the radio station not long ago. I just thought I'd share it with you all as well. Some time ago there were two monks who had planted young olive trees at about the same time. The first monk looked after his little tree … Continue reading Two Monks and an Olive Tree

No yellow rocking at the checkout!

I have to smile at the title to the this post. This was a very good day and probably one of the most enjoyable days I've had in a very long time! For those of you who don't know what 'yellow rocking' is, it is a square dance call where the dancers will hug another … Continue reading No yellow rocking at the checkout!

100th day of school

This will fall in February for us this year. I don't think we've ever had any kind of celebration or anything before but this year I will try to make it a little extra special and maybe it will help to keep us motivated. Below is a list of activities I have found to help … Continue reading 100th day of school

Turning I Can’ts into I Cans

As I stand at the kitchen island I have a million thoughts going through my head. I'm sipping my hot coffee while waiting for the muffins to finish and watching the kids play patiently. This post came to my mind and it was originally meant to give ways to encourage your children to do things … Continue reading Turning I Can’ts into I Cans

Are you needy?

My God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.  - Philippians 4:19  We all have needs every day. Sometimes our needs are great like looking for a new place to live or a dependable vehicle to get us back and forth to work. Sometimes our needs are … Continue reading Are you needy?

God uses cracked pots

And the vessel that he made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter: so he made it again another vessel, as seemed good to the potter to make it.  -Jeremiah 18:4 I know that often times we get caught up in things we believe we ought to be doing, the way we … Continue reading God uses cracked pots

Don’t feed the lizards!

SUSIE MIMM KIRBY·TUESDAY, AUGUST 2, 2016 I’ve been going through a battle of sorts lately. I had some problems that in the heat of the moment seemed like fierce fire breathing dragons coming at me. It seemed as if there was no way to be victorious over them and they threatened friendships and had me … Continue reading Don’t feed the lizards!

Taking out the trash.

SUSIE MIMM KIRBY·TUESDAY, AUGUST 9, 2016 God works on our hearts when we are least expecting it. I've been going through a really rough time lately. I can't explain it all because it would be just so confusing. I've questioned some of the life changing decisions I've made in the past few years. I've wondered … Continue reading Taking out the trash.


SUSIE MIMM KIRBY·SATURDAY, AUGUST 13, 2016 So going along and life is good. Every day seems so much better than the next. You even start to think about the future, just a little. Maybe a weekend or two ahead, possibly an event in a month or two and it seems so nice. You’re at a … Continue reading Shattered

Who can you count on?

Original Blog Post June 6, 2016 I haven’t posted in a bit as I have been super busy around here. My oldest daughter got married last Friday! Last minute struggles, cancellations and changes had us all running a little crazy around here. Lucky for us we have a BIG family and a few very loyal … Continue reading Who can you count on?

I want to wish all of my family, friends, and followers a very Happy Thanksgiving Day from my family to yours.  


Happy Thanksgiving!

Homeschool Deal: Deluxe Kids Calendar

I know I'm supposed to be slaving away in the kitchen but I had to take a minute to share this deal I just saw on my Facebook feed. Even though we've taken the week off from school I am always on the lookout for great deals. I got this for $6.00 and free shipping … Continue reading Homeschool Deal: Deluxe Kids Calendar

Last Minute Craft: A Thankful Book

My kids have done an amazing job at sorting out their toys and straightening up around the house this morning. They even cleaned under the couch and the kitchen cart.... AMAZING! DS5 is into so many things and his brain is always coming up with creative ideas. For the past week they have been going … Continue reading Last Minute Craft: A Thankful Book

Reblog: David Lebovitz’s Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

These look so good! If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving this week, don’t finalize your menu before you check out this roundup of favorite holiday recipes by pastry chef and food-blogger extraordinaire David Lebovitz. via David Lebovitz’s Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup — Discover

Freebie: Elsa Papercraft Download

If you have little girls then you probably know who Elsa is. My girls are crazy over the movie 'Frozen'. I know that this will be a huge hit here and I wanted to share this with you! You can click here to get yours. The instructions are also included on the page.

Youtube, Yellow Rocks, and Yamato’s

Sunday was DS15's birthday! Yeah, he is growing up. I am so proud of all the accomplishments and progress he has made over the past few years and I know that he will continue to learn and make progress in the years to come. In case you don't already know DS15 has Down's Syndrome, ADHD, … Continue reading Youtube, Yellow Rocks, and Yamato’s

How To Properly Set a Table

I have been working on a Home Ec class for my kids. (Its printed and waiting to be bound and/or laminated.) One of the activities is setting the table. When I came across this post on my Facebook feed I felt I should share it as many of us do get confused and some of … Continue reading How To Properly Set a Table

Community and Cops Christmas Fundraiser

I came across this on my Facebook feed this morning. As many of you may remember my family had the opportunity to meet Officer Bobby White, aka the Basketball Cop, last year. Then in September our local square dance clubs held a toy collection for the Basketball Cop. We were then able to present the … Continue reading Community and Cops Christmas Fundraiser

Buttermilk Biscuits

I remember learning to make these when I was really young. My first experience baking them was in a wood stove! While I'm thankful for modern conveniences nothing compares to the taste of those first biscuits I made. A lot of people shy away from making biscuits from scratch but they are really quite simple. … Continue reading Buttermilk Biscuits

Midweek Walmart Trip (Hunting Supplies)

So late Wednesday night DD18 decided she needed to go to Walmart to get a couple of things. Normally I try to wait until I do my weekly grocery trip but she insisted it couldn't wait. I hadn't planned on buying anything but once we got there I realized that I needed to grab a … Continue reading Midweek Walmart Trip (Hunting Supplies)

Birthdays, Blogs, and Biscuits

Today has been a bit crazy. We didn't get home until late last night from the Fall Festival Carnival Dance and I was so tired! I really didn't want to get up this morning but I did manage to drag myself out of bed and after a cup of cappuccino from my Keurig I was … Continue reading Birthdays, Blogs, and Biscuits