April Holidays

I will try to update this list with some fun activities as well. Feel free to click the links to find out more about the origins and meanings behind these special days. I plan to incorporate a few of these into our normal homeschool routine to add a little fun and excitement to our days. Have fun and maybe make up your own personal family holiday or tradition for the month!

(Links will be updated closer to the dates of each holiday.)

I found this list and more here:

April Fool’s Day (1st)

**see April Fool’s Day for more activities

National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day (2nd)

** be sure to check out Homeschool: April on Pinterest for some interesting recipes.

Caramel Popcorn Day (7th)

** see Microwave Caramel Popcorn for an easy recipe

Draw a Picture of a Bird Day (8th)

** how to draw a bird for kids on YouTube, also see my Pinterest board linked below.

Palm Sunday (9th)

**see Palm Sunday for more activities

Passover (10th)

**see Passover for more activities

National Siblings Day (10th)

**see National Siblings Day for more activities

Barbershop Quartet Day (11th)

**barbershop quartets for kids on YouTube

Good Friday (14th)

**see Good Friday for more activities

Easter (16th for 2017 but the date varies)

**see Easter for more activities

National Cheeseball Day  (17th)

National High Five Day (3rd Thursday)

Earth Day (U.S.) (22nd)

**see Earth Day  for more activities

National Jelly Bean Day (22nd)

National Zucchini Bread Day (23rd)

** see Zucchini Bread for a recipe

Pig in a Blanket Day (24th)

** see Pig in a Blanket for links to recipes

World Penguin Day   (25th)

**see Penguin Awareness Day for more activities

National Pretzel Day (26th)

** see Easy Soft Pretzels for a recipe

Arbor Day (last Friday)

**see Arbor Day for more activities

National Honesty Day (30th)

**see Honesty for more activities

Also check out:

Homeschool: April on Pinterest


Thank you so much!

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