Keeper of the Home

Being a keeper of the home can be hard work especially if you are surrounded by clutter and chaos. Even the most organized people will have some areas that they need help in. We can’t be experts at everything, or can we? Well, I can’t but I try to keep improving my skills and working to be a better keeper of the home.

There are many areas involved in being a keeper of the home. I will attempt to keep this page and the links updated to provide tips and helpful resources. Below are some different tips and resources to help you manage your home and keep everything and everyone going along as smoothly as possible. I will keep updating this list so keep checking back.

Grocery Shopping

Keeper of the Home: Cleaning your smooth top stove

Keeping Up With The Bills

Meal Plans

Meal Prepping


Other Posts:

Defeating the Dirty Laundry Monster

Keeper of The Home

Pantry Challenge Week


Here are links to some of our favorite sites, books, and more:



Kirby’s Kitchen (recipes and helpful tips)


Easy Peasy All-in-one-homeschool (free)

DiscoveryK12 (free)

Homeschool Manager (keeping track of grades, transcripts, schedules and more)


Cozi (an online calendar)



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