November 8, 2016

Well, today is full of excitement with everyone waiting to see the results of the election. I have not been watching the news at all and will just wait until later to find out.

It was pretty much business as usual here. DS13 was up before 4:00 am singing and then the two littles came to my room around 6:30 am. After breakfast we had some chores, school work, house work, and still a few cases of the crankies.

During nap time Momma decided to not only scrub the kitchen floor but to wax it also. Yesterday I had shampooed the carpets as well. With the holidays coming up quickly I know we will have lots of company not too mention the fact I couldn’t remember the lst time I had cleaned them.

The floor looked really nice, like nicer than it has in a long time, but that didn’t last for long. Naps make littles hungry so they decided to have a snack of leftover French Toast. Well DS4 wanted syrup and waited until Momma went to the bathroom to plan his sneaky move. We ended up with a very sticky floor and a very apologetic little boy. He did help to clean it up though.

All in all we had a great day and I am thankful it was so much easier than yesterday. I thought I might stay up to watch the election results but I am exhausted so I may just wait until morning to see who our next president is.